Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts on Living in Southern Dallas


Just some random thoughts on life south of the Trinity River:

1) Why can't the City of Dallas figure out how to address the stray dog problem in the southern sector? Interestingly enough, for as much time as I've spent in northern Dallas, I don't ever recall seeing a stray dog. Perhaps all of the stray dogs in the northern part of the city are bused to the southern side of the Trinity River. The problem has become so overwhelming, and the animal control people so inept, that it is almost pointless calling them for help. Historically, it is in moments like these where a small cadre of citizen leaders often take matters into their own hands and solve the problems that the government cannot. I wonder what would happen if that cadre of citizen leaders in the southern sector started capturing stray dogs and dropping them off at the animal control shelters (or other municipal locations)? Would that finally bring some attention to this persistent and nagging problem? Or does a child have to be attacked and killed for anyone to care? As an expectant father, that notion sends chills down my spine.

2) It's comforting to know that Simpson Stuart Rd. is safe from the scores of speeding motorists that plague it. Too bad the other streets of the Highland Hills community aren't as safe from drug-trafficking, theft and burglary. I wish there was as much revenue in fighting those versions of crime as there is in curbing routine traffic violations. Maybe then we'd all feel safer at night.

3) Do you ever wonder why there's no police sub-station on the part of Simpson Stuart Rd. where there's actually the most crime?

4) If you would like to see a football field truly become a field of dreams, stop by PQC and witness the transformation of our football field into an urban farm. By mid-summer, our near two-acre plot will be producing more wins for the PQC/Highland Hills community than the football field ever did. If you really want to lift someone out of poverty- plant a garden, not a sports field. It's great if you can have both. But, if you can't, it's always better to choose sustainability over fleeting glory. Hunger pains have a way of staying with you long after the crowd leaves and the cheering ceases. At that point, it's simply you and the cold darkness of an empty cavern. No child deserves that feeling- ever.

5) A non- Southern Dallas thought- congratulations to my alma mater, Duke University, for winning the 2010 Men's Basketball NCAA National Championship. As thrilled as I am for the Blue Devils, I left truly impressed by Butler's brilliant young (33 years old) coach. He is special. I hope that Butler fans understand what they have.

Until the next time,
President Sorrell

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