Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're Back!!


It's good to see you once again on the blogosphere. So much has been happening since we last visited that it's impossible for me to go through everything. However, I did want to catch you up on some of the most recent highlights in the Quinnite Nation.

1. Our new First Year Experience Program is going to be unbelievable. It features courses tailored to the needs and interests of the student. You'll be shocked by the caliber of our new Writing Program and Speech Program. The new Bridge Program will get our students off to the best possible start in their college careers. The FYE debuts in August.

2. Lots of new staff hires. Here's just a few of the latest: Lori Price (Director of Writing Program); James "Zip" Summers (Athletic Director); Kelsel Thompson (Dean of Students); and Hope Young (VP of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs).

3. We revamped our Board of Trustees. Our new chair is Bob Weiss from the Meadows Foundation; new Finance Committee Chair Matt Hildreth (Pres. of Amegy Bank); and new Development Committee Chair Atty. Bill Brewer (Partner, Bickel & Brewer).

4. Upgraded the campus and facilities. Among the improvements that have taken place are the following: 1) remodeled the Tigers' Den (the student lounge); 2) renovated the PE classrooms; 3) installed a campus irrigation system, and 4) began phase II of the heat resistant foliage program.

5) We will knock down the first of a series of abandoned buildings scheduled for demolition on the campus this spring.

Things are moving at PQC. In fact, you should schedule a time to come see it for yourself.

Until next time,
President Sorrell

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