Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things are Heating Up at PQC

Greetings Quinnites-

It's been a busy week on the Yard at PQC.  Here's just a sampling of the happenings:

1. Michael Eric Dyson to speak at 2009 Commencement! Celebrated author and academician Michael Eric Dyson has agreed to deliver the Commencement Address at this spring's graduation on May 2nd.   Quinnites everywhere are buzzing with excitement.

2. Welcome Connie Boyd to the Quinnite Family.  Veteran fundraising expert Connie Boyd has joined the Quinnite Family as the new Vice President of Development.  Boyd has a long and distinguished track record in fundraising and brings a level of expertise to the job that has not been seen on the Clifftop in years.  We are thrilled to welcome her to the team.

3. Quinnites as "All Triathletes".  In what could be a shock to competitive triathlons worldwide, teams comprised of staff, students and friends of Paul Quinn College will be competing in the Cap Tri Tex in Austin, Texas on Memorial Day weekend.  We will be participating as part of the newly formed All Tri Nonprofit Organization.  The mission of All Tri is  to inspire and prepare individuals to raise donations for the charities of their choice through achievements of personal fitness and athletic triumphs.  To learn more about All Tri, you can visit the website at  All money raised by our team will be going to the college.  If you are interested in 1) joining us to train and/or compete or 2) making a donation, please contact Angela Hodges at  This will be the first triathlon for all of us. Please don't let fear keep you out of this fun and worthwhile activity.

Special recognition goes to our first donor: Ann Machen who has committed $300 to our efforts.  Thank you Quinnite Machen.

4. Women's Basketball Continues March.  The Lady Tigers continue their amazing conference turnaround.  After finishing last season near the bottom of the conference standings, the team is fighting for first place in the Red River Conference.  Currently, they are in third place at 7-2.  This turnaround has been made even more impressive due to coaching of Associate Athletic Director Adrianne Swinney.  Coach Swinney assumed the reins of the squad in early January after Coach Bo Bivens was terminated.  Since that time, the women have been on a tear.  Keep up the great work Coach Swinney!

5. Tuesdays in February.  Our annual Black History Month program, Tuesdays in February, returns beginning this Tuesday at 7pm.  This week's topic will be: Remembering Bishop College.  Among the speakers will be Bobby Moten (President of the Bishop College Alumni Organization), Larry Sanders, Pastor of Keller Springs Baptist Church, Karen Young of the IRS and Emerson Latimore, Regional Manager of the Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Office of the Social Security Administration.

Take care and have a great week,
President Sorrell



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  3. Michael Eric Dyson? OMG! I love him. Okay, not really. But this man is the truth for real, and he was on tv today