Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Musings from the President


Whew. The last six weeks have been a whirlwind. The first week of May saw us unveil the Food for Good Farm at Paul Quinn College. FFG is a partnership between PQC and PepsiCo. It's an exciting project that has allowed us to transform our unused former football field into a two acre urban farm. The farm grows everything from watermelon to corn and beans. It's amazing. The food will be used to feed our students, our community and our city.

Next up, we held Commencement. This Commencement ceremony was particulary emotional because of all the naysayers who believed that Paul Quinn College would never last another year. Not only did we prove them wrong, we continue to grow stronger.

Last week, we recieved a $1,000,000 donation that will allow us to demolish the 13 abandoned buildings on the campus. These buildings have stood on the front of this campus reminding a city of the failings of HBCUs for over 20 years. Well, thanks to the confidence of Trammell S. Crow, we will begin tearing these structures down in July.
The Quinnite nation continues to march on towards our date with destiny. Next stop- the unveiling of the Bridge Program and the First Two Years Experience.
On to the next one,
President Sorrell

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