Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Well, we made it.  After four months of semi-regular training, the inaugural PQC Triathlon Team completed their first competitive triathlon (I use the word "competitive" loosely).   Our team consisted of Antwane Owens, Margo McClinton, Angela Hodges, Maurice West, Claire Oliver and myself.  Together, we have raised over $7,000 for PQC and even managed to learn some new skills.

Upon reflection of our accomplishment, here are a couple of things that we learned:

1. Austin has a lot of hills;
2. The triathlon tops are very unforgiving and definitely aren't made for those folks who prefer chocolate chip cookies over crunches;
3. Never, ever compete in anything that says "Olympic Distance";
4. No matter how poorly you place, there is always going to be someone behind you.  Therefore, just keep going; and 
5. Our school has a lot of great people who desperately want to see it succeed.  You should join us and either donate money or roll up your sleeves and help.  Sitting on the sidelines is for losers.

I would personally like to think my fellow members of the PQC Triathlon Team.  You are great teammates and even better people.

Take care,
President Sorrell

PS- stay tuned for the pictures.

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